Accurately Editing Genes in Living Cells Means Grappling with Knots in DNA

Gene editing with CRISPR enzymes inside living cells could become more effective and accurate after researchers at The University of Texas at Austin unveiled how...

Professor Rick Russell (right) and graduate student Isabel Strohkendl conduct experiments using CRISPR enzymes. Image courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin.


Four Natural Sciences Faculty Receive Sloan Research Fellowships

​Carlos Baiz, Caroline Morley, Andrew Potter and Urbain Weyemi are among the 128 scholars from across the country selected by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to receive the 2021 Sloan Research Fellowships.

Headshots of four scientists


Undergraduate Research Aims to Harness the Power of Mealworms to Degrade Plastic

Undergraduates at the UT Austin Inventors Program are exploring how mealworms, and the microbes in their guts, can naturally degrade household plastics.

Meal worms and plastic


Scientists Discover How Remdesivir Works to Inhibit Coronavirus



Gloved hands hold a glass vial of antiviral medicine remdesivir


Faculty Members Named to Professorships and Endowed Chairs

Several College of Natural Sciences faculty members have been newly appointed to special professorships and endowed chairs at The University of Texas at Austin.

Seal of the University of Texas at Austin with a burnt orange filter on the image

UT News

Coronavirus Mutation May Have Made It More Contagious

The virus that causes the coronavirus disease COVID-19 is accumulating genetic mutations, one of which may have made it more contagious.

Map of Houston representing COVID-19 trends in each zip code

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Why Some Cancers May Respond Poorly to Key Drugs Discovered

Scientists have identified a driver of drug resistance that can make a life or death difference for patients with some cancers.

Artist composite image of a medical patient with an intravenous line in the hand and an IV drip


Researchers Discover Key Mechanism Cells Use to Harness Energy

New study finds how cells use important nutrient.

Microscopic image of mitochondria in a cell