Centers & Facilities

Centers and Facilities

Our researchers align with interdisciplinary institutes and centers from across campus and leverage outstanding research facilities at The University of Texas at Austin.

The Sauer Lab for Structural Biology

A world class cryo-EM facility, the Sauer Structural Biology Laboratory houses two machines capable of imaging macromolecular machines at atomic or near atomic resolution. These biological and chemical imaging tools allow researchers to view molecular details in a whole new way, with an FEI Titan Krios equipped with a Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector and an FEI Talos equipped with a Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector. The facility contains all of the accessory equipment required for high-resolution structure determination and is staffed by a Ph.D. level manager, who has many years of experience with electron microscopy.

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LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease

The mission of the John Ring LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease is to bridge the gap between basic and translational research into microbial and viral pathogenesis. These efforts include characterizing and predicting the spread of infectious diseases through populations, and supporting programs to define the human and animal responses to challenge by infectious agents and how human genetics impact susceptibility to infection. Our members and affiliates bring expertise in combatting antibiotic resistance, developing vaccines and therapeutics, advancing epidemiological modeling and addressing specific pathogens, such as influenza and coronaviruses. 

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The Center for Biomedical Research Support

The Center for Biomedical Research Support provides access to cutting-edge research technology and expert advice to enhance research in genetics, mass spectrometry, biomedical imaging, bioinformatics and more. Researchers have access to a wide array of resources and are able to obtain supplies from the STEM Stockroom and freezer supply core. High-Performance Computing infrastructure and access to  consultants allows scientists collaborating with CBRS to unlock new discoveries and transformative insights. 

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The Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research

A multidisciplinary research group working to better under understand substance use disorders, the Waggoner Center includes investigators from the Colleges of Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, Pharmacy and the Dell Medical School who explore alcohol and drug actions at the molecular, electrophysiological and behavioral levels. Interdisciplinary collaborations at the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research allow the development of new tools and research approaches not possible in any one laboratory.

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