Administrative Staff

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Amanda Y. Urquidez-Cabrera

  • Assistant Director

MBS Faculty Affairs, Front Desk, & Events

Faculty Affairs:

Front Desk email:

Events email:

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Kelly L. Alvarez

  • Faculty Administrative Manager
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Ella Jameson

  • Faculty Support Communications and Administrative Coordinator

MBS Human Resources Team


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Salvador Rojas

  • Human Resource Manager
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Chelsea Gillus

  • Human Resource Coordinator

MBS Grant Team (Pre and Post Award)


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Linda M. Beltran

  • Contracts & Grants Manager
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Yvette T. Canedo

  • Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
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Jeremiah Paulus

  • Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
Telephone Number:512-232-0844
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Desireé Ledet

  • Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist

MBS Operations Team (Finance, Payments, and Procurement)

Payments email:

Procurement email:

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Lauren E. Coats

  • Administrative Manager
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Courtney N. Vollmert

  • Financial Analyst
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Stacey L. Kimmelman

  • Senior Procurement Officer

Emma Jochum

  • Senior Procurement Officer

ILS Graduate Programs


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Tiffo Carmichael

  • Graduate Program Manager
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Elizabeth I. Davis

  • Graduate Program Coordinator II