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Ask the COVID-19 Experts

An epidemiologist and two molecular bioscientists get to the bottom of your burning COVID-19 questions.

Illustration of a physician in a white lab coat


Science Amid the Social Distance

A compilation from our previous episodes that we hope will help you find some solace right now: in rediscovering life, the people we're closest with and the universe.

A cross-section of a nautilus shell


Of Fruit Flies, Nobel Prizes and Genetic Discoveries that Change the World

Last year, University of Texas at Austin alumnus Michael Young won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering the molecular mechanism behind circadian rhythms.

Portrait of a man in a suit


James Allison Eases Off the Brakes

In today's episode of Point of Discovery, UT Austin alum James Allison talks about the uphill climb to make cancer immunotherapy a reality.

Portrait of a man in glasses and a white lab coat


Jekyll and Hyde Bacteria

What do you do when the bacteria you study that's deadly in the real world acts all mild and gentle in the lab?

Microscope image of pink bacteria with hair-like and corkscrew-like structures


Beauty and the Yeast

The lowly yeast turns out to be a powerful model organism for understanding human biology and disease

A microscope image of the internal features of a yeast cell