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UT Austin’s Top Research Stories of 2023

From a brain decoder to a supermassive black hole to a cancer drug advance, College of Natural Sciences researchers made breakthroughs this year.

A dense field of galaxies set against a black background of space


How to Extend the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables with Science

Hong Qiao, a plant researcher, explains the science behind produce ripening, and how anyone can prolong shelf life.

The ethylene from bananas stored together can even cause each other to ripen faster.


FDA-Approved RSV Vaccine Enabled by Work of UT Molecular Biologist

Every year, millions of people become sickened by RSV, and more than 100,000 die. New vaccines with a connection to UT Austin may help turn those numbers around.

A child gets a bandage after receiving a vaccination


UT Austin a Key Player in Science’s Hottest Research Areas for 2023

Researchers at UT Austin are involved in some of the most exciting areas of science and driving groundbreaking discoveries and technologies that impact our world.

Individuals looking at a display of outer space


Bringing Developmental Biology to South Texas

Over the last two decades, John Wallingford has taught developmental biology short courses to students at two of the country's most highly prestigious and competitive biological research institutions...

Two undergraduate students sit on a couch next to developmental biologist John Wallingford


Graduate Researcher Studies Cells that Fight Autoimmunity

Jayashree Srinivasan works to unlock the secrets of the immune system

Jayashree (Jay) Srinivasan in white lab coat at her laboratory bench


12 Ways Texas Science Innovators Made the Most of this Year

Here are a handful of ways that members of our science and mathematics community brandished their entrepreneurial spirit this year.

3 Students wearing t-shirts celebrating 1,000+ patents jump for joy in front of the UT Austin tower


Urbain Weyemi Looks for the Unexpected to Better Understand Cancer


Profile picture of Urbain Weyemi


5 Ways UT Science is Fighting Back on Microplastics


Jace Tunnell holds a plastic nurdle between thumb and forefinger