How to Extend the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables with Science

Hong Qiao, a plant researcher, explains the science behind produce ripening, and how anyone can prolong shelf life.

The ethylene from bananas stored together can even cause each other to ripen faster.


Jeffrey Chen Received Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists Award

A Molecular Biosciences Faculty Member was awarded an American Society of Plant Biologists' award.

Jeffrey Chen Headshot


Keiko Torii Awarded 2023 American Society of Plant Biologists' Stephen Hale Prize

A Molecular Biosciences Faculty Member was awarded an American Society of Plant Biologists' award.

Keiko Torii with a graphic circle, burnt orange and wave figures


New Technique Reveals Protein Production in Early Embryos

The earliest stages of developing life have been, in many ways, a black box for researchers before now.

Microscope image of a blastoid, a model of an early embryo


Desiree Ledet Awarded 2023 CNS Staff Excellence Award

A Molecular Biosciences department staff member was awarded the 2023 CNS Staff Excellence Award.

Desiree and the dean of CNS


FDA-Approved RSV Vaccine Enabled by Work of UT Molecular Biologist

Every year, millions of people become sickened by RSV, and more than 100,000 die. New vaccines with a connection to UT Austin may help turn those numbers around.

A child gets a bandage after receiving a vaccination


Hear from Three Seniors Among This Year’s Graduates of Distinction

Several graduating seniors from CNS have been recognized for their distinctive accomplishments, including the three individuals highlighted here.

Three student headshots


Jason McLellan Receives Inaugural Award To Recognize Research Impact

A structural biologist at UT Austin who played a key role in the development of COVID-19 vaccines has received the first Research Impact Award.

Jason McLellan stands with hands in pockets in front of Norman Hackerman Building's glass walls as other campus buildings and foliage appear in the reflection behind him