Cell and Developmental Biology

Our cell and developmental biologists study how animal and plant cells carry out their biological functions and how these cells differentiate in time and space to create complex organisms. This work promises to lead to better understanding of birth defects and how they may be treated, as well as illuminating fundamental properties of living organisms.

Portrait of Seema Agarwala

Seema Agarwala

  • Associate Professor
Portrait of Xiaolu (Lulu) Cambronne

Xiaolu (Lulu) Cambronne

  • Assistant Professor
  • William H. Tonn Professorial Fund Fellow
Telephone Number:512-232-1928
Building: MBB
Room Number:2.148BA
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Portrait of Can Cenik

Can Cenik

  • Assistant Professor
Portrait of Arturo De Lozanne

Arturo De Lozanne

  • Associate Professor
  • Distinguished Teaching Professor
Portrait of Daniel J. Dickinson

Daniel J. Dickinson

  • Assistant Professor
Portrait of Johann K. Eberhart

Johann K. Eberhart

  • Professor
Portrait of Lauren I. Ehrlich

Lauren I. Ehrlich

  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Professor of Oncology
  • Lorene Morrow Kelley Endowed Faculty Fellowship Fund
Portrait of Jonghwan Kim

Jonghwan Kim

  • Associate Professor
Portrait of Kyle M. Miller

Kyle M. Miller

  • Associate Professor
  • Lorene Morrow Kelley Professorship in Microbiology
Portrait of Sibum Sung

Sibum Sung

  • Associate Professor
Portrait of Steven A. Vokes

Steven A. Vokes

  • Associate Professor

John B. Wallingford

  • Professor
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Doherty, Jr. Regents Chair in Molecular Biology