Purchasing Procedures

You have three options for placing orders:

  1. UT Market -- The easiest way to place orders at UT, though it is restricted to a subset of vendors.
  2. White Sheet Order -- For non-UT market orders, please either email your white sheet (Purchase Request Form) to mbs_orders@austin.utexas.edu, or turn it in to your lab's designated purchaser in NHB 2.606.  Please be advised, new vendors may not be in UT's system and therefore could take up to one (1) week before the order can be completed.  If you are filing for a rush order, you must turn it in to your designated purchaser no later than noon (12:00 PM) to ensure it arrives the next day.
  3. Procard -- Recommended for purchases under $100. 

If you receive any items that are damaged or defective, please notify Stacey Kimmelman as soon as possible.  Items that must be replaced should be done so at no charge.

Please contact the Payments team for ProCard or Business Prime related questions.

$15,000+ Procedure

Purchases over $15,000+ require vendors under state contract to provide a quote.  For vendors under non-state contracts, you must provide bids from other vendors or an Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form (formally Sole Source Document) and cost justification.  For more information, see examples of sole source justification forms on the Purchasing Forms and Templates homepage.