Invoices and Bills

The MBS Office handles all bills outside of UT Market orders, which are dealt with centrally. 

Deadline for Submitting Invoices

In accordance with the Prompt Payment Act, payments for goods and services must be paid no later than thirty (30) days after the:

-Receipt of the goods or services, or

-Receipt of the invoice for the goods or services.

-Provided whichever date is later.

Requirements for Submitting Invoices

For every invoice or bill that needs to be paid, the MBS Office needs to know the following:

  • The date you received the invoice
  • The date you received the item(s)
  • The account you'd like to charge for the bill

Once you’ve written this information on the bill, please sign and date it. Afterwards, you can take a picture or scan and email it to MBS Payments for processing.