Procurement Cards

We recommend using a procurement card (procard) for purchases under $100; you may use your procard for higher purchases up to your card's limit.  Procards can be used for purchasing materials and lab supplies with the exception of radioactive materials, gases, and anything on the disallowed list.  Procards cannot be used for entertainment, travel, or office supply purchases.  For information on purchasing items with a procard, please visit the procard homepage.

Procard Payment Procedure

Procard transaction receipts must be submitted within three days from the date of purchase.  You may send this receipt electronically to MBS Payments.  Please include the appropriate account number as well as the good/services received date to the receipt or correspondence.

If you wish to have your procard limits changed, please submit an Exception Request.

Please contact MBS Payments for ProCard related questions.

Procards- Goods/Services Received

According to Section 7.8 of UT Austin's Handbook of Business Procedures, Procurement Card Program, "In order to maintain internal controls, an employee other than the cardholder (but in the same department) is responsible for verifying the receipt ofthe goods or services purchased. Receipt of goods and services must be documented - some examples of acceptable documentation are noting the date on the associated receipt or retaining the packing slip."

Additionally, Section 7.4.4 of UT Austin's Handbook of Business Procedures states, "The individual (receiver) receiving the shipment must be different than the buyer. The receiver is responsible for signing and dating all invoices and/or packing slips. If the receiver verifies a shipment via email, a digital certificate must be attached to the email."