System & Synthetic Biology

Our system and synthetic biologists study how the thousands of molecules in cells coordinate to create life, as well as how to re-engineer living systems. They illuminate basic biological processes and create and find key biomolecules and drugs in a laboratory setting. This work has led to insight into the strong conservation of molecular machines in diverse plants and animals, as well as improved diagnostics and therapeutics.

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Jeffrey E. Barrick

  • Associate Professor
  • Lorene Morrow Kelley Professorship in Microbiology
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Can Cenik

  • Assistant Professor
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Bryan W. Davies

  • Associate Professor
Building: NMS
Room Number:3.118
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Vishwanath Iyer

  • Professor
  • Professor of Oncology, Dell Medical School
Building: MBB
Room Number:3.212A
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Jonghwan Kim

  • Associate Professor
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David W. Taylor

  • Associate Professor
  • Lorene Morrow Kelley Endowed Faculty Fellowship Fund
Building: NHB
Room Number:4.121
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Keiko Torii

  • Professor
  • Johnson & Johnson Centennial Chair in Plant Cell Biology
  • Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Building: NMS
Room Number:5.104A
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