Travel Reimbursements

Submit an Online Travel Reimbursement 

MBS requires travelers to request travel reimbursements electronically through the Request Forms home page.  Once you have logged in with your EID and password, select "Travel Reimbursement Request" under Expense Requests.  Follow all instructions, including uploading PDFs of your receipts/invoices and itemizing your expenses in the online tool. When completed, assign the request Molecular Biosciences Travel (00171).  You will receive an automated email once your reimbursement has been completed.

Reimbursements will be made by direct deposit unless you request a check to be mailed to your home address.  Please note, persons can only be reimbursed for their own expenditures.

For travel reimbursement questions or concerns, please contact MBS Payments.

Expense Reimbursement Requirements
Airfare Original receipt clearly showing that payment was made.  If an online reservation tool other than Concur or Anthony Travel was used to book airfare, you must certify that you complied with university rules by signing and attaching the following statement to your receipt when you submit for reimbursement: "Online selection is best value as consistent with institutional priorities." Your reimbursement request may be denied without this statement.
  • Original hotel bills are required showing itemized room rate and taxes, and showing a zero balance.  If two or more UT employees shared a hotel room, the cost of the lodging and subsequent reimbursement will be divided equally between them per university policy.
  • Hotel occupancy taxes - reimbursed via the hotel bill.  Please note, UT is both state hotel occupancy tax exempt as well as Texas sales tax exempt.  If you're traveling within Texas and these taxes are listed on your hotel bill, it will not be reimbursed.
  • Meals can only be reimbursed when there is an overnight stay claimed.
  • If being reimbursed for actual expenses, please submit itemized meal receipts.
  • If requesting per diem, please have approval from the PI on file to claim per diem.
  • Please be advised that alcohol is not a reimbursable expense for travel and the University allows for no more than 20% gratuity.
  • Mileage for person vehicle - submit a roundtrip map printout from Mapquest
  • Gasoline for Rental Car - submit receipts
  • Parking fees
  • Cab/Bus/Train fares
  • University business telephone calls and internet service - reimbursed via the hotel bill.
  • Registration fees