Promotion Seminar - “Elucidating Genome Integrity Mechanisms in the Context of Chromatin and Cancer”

Elucidating Genome Integrity Mechanisms
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Featured Speaker(s): Kyle Miller


Dr. Miller is an Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin and is interested in molecular mechanisms that govern genome function and integrity. These pathways act to avert dangerous conflicts and mutations that can promote loss of normal cell function and eventually tumorigenesis. The Miller lab focuses on chromatin-based pathways and their involvement at the interface between DNA-templated processes, including transcription, replication and DNA repair. The Miller lab is also studying dysregulation of these pathways in human cancers and potential vulnerabilities that may exist that can be targeted using existing and emerging DNA damage and epigenetic therapeutics. Click here to be directed to the Miller Lab.

Dr. Kyle Miller's seminar is hosted by Dr. Tanya Paull.


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