Nomination Guidelines

The MBS Seminar Series occurs every Wednesday at 4:00 pm in NHB 1.720 during the long semester.  For questions and a detailed policy guide, please contact Rebekka Sherman-Loeffler.

Guidelines for Seminar Nominations:

  1. The seminar speaker should have a tenure track or equivalent position
  2. The seminar speaker should be traveling from within the USA
  3. The number of visits hosted is at the Seminar Committee's discretion; however, special consideration is given to nominations made by junior faculty.
  4. Nomination Deadlines: October 1st for Spring 2018 | Future semesters - September 1st for Spring Semesters;  May 1st for Fall Semesters

Exceptions will be taken on a case-by-case basis.  Only MBS faculty are allowed to nominate speakers.  

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Host's Responsibilities

Seminar hosts are responsible for the following items.

Seminar Date

The host will work with the seminar coordinator to set up a date for the guest's visit.  Once a date has been selected, the seminar coordinator will contact the guest with the seminar invitation letter.

Guest's Itinerary

The seminar coordinator will provide a Google doc template itinerary for the host to circulate to all appropriate faculty.  If the schedule still has open slots one week prior to the visit, the host will work with the seminar coordinator to fill the schedule.

Student Lunch

This is the only lunch provided and paid for by the Department. The host may send student lunch sign-up to any students they think may be interested. The sign-up is strictly first come, first serve basis, with a cap of 10 students and a cutoff of two days prior to the seminar. If the sign-up is not filled one week prior to the deadline, the seminar coordinator will circulate the schedule to all students within the Department. This is the only lunch paid for by the Department.

Guiding the Speaker

The host will be responsible for both picking up and dropping off the guest at their hotel the day of the seminar.  If unable to do so, the host should arrange for another faculty member to guide the guest before the itinerary is finalized.


MBS supports two dinners per seminar speaker, to be coordinated by the host, with the following stipulations. Please be advised that the University allows for no more than 20% gratuity of the subtotal.

  • Dinner on the night of the seminar will be capped at $300 total (equivalent of host, speaker, and two guests), and may not exceed $75 per person attending.
  • Dinner on the night before the seminar is optional, and will be capped at $150 total (equivalent of host and speaker). It may not exceed $75 per person attending.
  • To be reimbursed for seminar dinners, hosts will need to turn in itemized dinner receipts as well as proof of payment (the receipt with the signature and tip write-in will suffice) to the seminar coordinator no later than one week after the dinner occurred.  The host will also need to list the names (first and last) of all those in attendance for each dinner.

UT cannot reimburse the following:

  • Non-UT affiliated dinner guests (other than the invited speaker)
  • Over the per-person meal maximums
  • A bill that exceeds 49% in alcohol charges

Speaker's Responsibilities

Guest Paperwork

Once a speaker has accepted the seminar invitation, they will need to provide the following information to the seminar coordinator.  This should be done at least one month prior to their visit.  Non-US residents will be contacted about additional paperwork needed for visa and tax purposes.

  1. Payee Information Form (PIF)
  2. Scanned copy of your state-issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, or visa)
  3. CV or biosketch
  4. Title of your seminar and an image that advertises your research


After paperwork has been processed, the speaker will be notified to book their flight. Flights must be purchased through UT's official travel agency, Anthony Travel (1-800-684-2044), at least three weeks in advance. Per UT regulations, flights must be economy class and will not be reimbursed without proof of purchase. If the flight needs to be upgraded due to medical reasons, please contact Rebekka Sherman-Loeffler to initiate the paperwork. UT reserves the right to deny claims for exceptions due to medical reasons.


The speaker will receive travel incidentals for three days at UT, including but not limited to meals at current per diem, taxis or shuttle fares, parking, and airfare if applicable. Itemized receipts and proof of purchase must be provided for transportation reimbursements.

For additional information or questions, please contact Rebekka Sherman-Loeffler.