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Publications from 2016-17

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  1. G. Malyutin, S. Musalgaonkar. S. Patchett, J. Frank and A.W. Johnson (2017) Nmd3 is a structural mimic of eIF5A, and activates the cpGTPase Lsg1 during 60S ribosome biogenesis. EMBO J. 2017 Apr 3;36(7):854-868. doi: 10.15252/embj.201696012. PubMed>>
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  1. S. Abell, M. Mercado, T. Caneque, R. Rodriguez and B. Xhemalce (2017) Click-Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Identifies PIWIL3 as a Mechanistic Target of RNA Interference Activator Enoxacin in Cancer Cells. J Am Chem Soc.139(4):1400-1403. PubMed>>
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Publications from 2015-16

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  1. P.MMacdonald, M. Kanke, A. Kenny (2016) Community effects in regulation of translation. eLife2016;5:e10965. View>>
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