Notable MBS faculty publications from 2015-16:

  1. P.M. Macdonald, M. Kanke, A. Kenny (2016) Community effects in regulation of translation. eLife 2016;5:e10965. View>>
  2. S. Nath, L. Christian, S. Youngsun Tan, S. Ki, L. I. R. Ehrlich, and M. Poenie (2016) Dynein separately partners with NDE1 and dynactin to orchestrate T cell focused secretion. Journal of Immunology (in press). View Abstract>>
  3. T. A. Triplett, K. T. Cardenas, J. N. Lancaster, Z. Hu, H. J. Selden, G. Jasso, S. Balasubramanyam, K. Chan, L. Li, X. Chen, A. M. Marcogliese, U. P. Dave, P. E. Love, and L. I. R. Ehrlich (2016) Dendritic cells in the tumor microenvironment directly support T-All growth through IGF1R activation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 113(8): E1016-25. PMID 26862168. View Abstract>>
  4. Y. Qin, J. Yao, D.C. Wu, R. Nottingham, S. Mohr, S. Hunicke-Smith, A.M. Lambowitz (2016) High-throughput sequencing of human plasma RNA by using thermostable group II intron reverse transcriptases. RNA 22(1): 111-128. View Abstract>>
  5. R.M. Nottingham, D.C. Wu, Y. Qin, J. Yao, S. Hunicke-Smith, A.M. Lambowitz (2016) RNA-seq of human reference RNA samples using a thermostable group II intron reverse transcriptase. RNA 22(4): 597-613. View Abstract>>
  6. S. Silas#, G. Mohr#, D.J. Sidote, L.M. Markham, A. Sanchez-Amat, D. Bhaya, A.M. Lambowitz*, A.Z. Fire* (2016) Direct CRISPR spacer acquisition from RNA by a natural reverse transcriptase-Cas1 fusion protein. Science 351(6276): aad4234. #Co-first authors, *Co-corresponding authors. [Commentaries Sontheimer, E.J. and Marraffini, L.A. CRISPR goes retro, Science 351, 920-921, 2016; Waldron, D. CRISPR memories of RNA, Nature Reviews Genetics, 2016; Calkins, K. CRISPR serves up more than DNA, Biomedical Beat Blog, NIGMS, 2016.] View Abstract>>
  7. L. Lamech, M. Sanoji, P.J. Paukstelis, A.M. Lambowitz (2016) Structural divergence of the group I intron-binding surface in fungal mitochondrial tyrosyl-tRNA synthetases that function in RNA splicing. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291(22): 11911-11927. View Abstract>>
  8. S. Lee, S. S. Stevens (2016) Spliceosomal intronogenesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(23); 6514-6519. View Abstract>>
  9. C. H. Liu, L. Zhou, G. Chen, R. M. Krug (2015) Battle between influenza A virus and a newly identified antiviral activity of the PARP-containg ZAPL protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112(45): 14048-14053. View Abstract>>
  10. C. Wan, B. Borgeson, S. Phanse, F. Tu, K. Drew, G. Clark, X. Xiong, O. Kagan, J. Kwan, A. Bezginov, K. Chessman, S. Pal, G. Cromar, O. Papoulas, Z. Ni, D. R. Boutz, S. Stoilova, P. C. Havugimana, X. Guo, R. H. Malty, M. Sarov, J. Greenblatt, M. Babu, W. B. Derry, E. R. Tillier, J. B. Wallingford, J. Parkinson, E. M. Marcotte, A. Emili (2015) Panorama of ancient metazoan macromolecular complexes. Nature, 525:339–344. View Abstract>>
  11. G. Zheng #, Q. Qin #, W.C. Clark, C. Yi, C. He, A.M. Lambowitz*, T. Pan* (2015) Efficient and quantitative high-throughput transfer RNA sequencing. NatureMethods 12(9): 835-837. #Co-first authors, *Co-corresponding authors. View>>
  12. T. Zhang, Y. Hu, W. Jiang, L. Fang, X. Guan, J. Chen, J. Zhang, C. A. Saski, B. E. Scheffler, D. M. Stelly, A. M. Hulse-Kemp, Q. Wan, B. Liu, C. Liu, S. Wang, M. Pan, Y. Wang, D. Wang, W. Ye, L. Chang, W. Zhang, Q. Song, R. C. Kirkbride, X. Chen, E. Dennis, D. J. Llewellyn, D. G. Peterson, P. Thaxton, D. C. Jones, Q. Wang, X. Xu, H. Zhang, H. Wu, L. Zhou, G. Mei, S. Chen, Y. Tian, D. Xiang, X. Li, J. Ding, Q. Zuo, L. Tao, Y. Liu, J. Li, Y. Lin, Y. Hui, Z. Cao, C. Cai, X. Zhu, Z. Jiang, B. Zhou, W. Guo, R. Li, and Z. J. Chen (2015) Sequencing of allotetraploid cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. acc. TM-1) provides a resource for fiber improvement. Nature Biotechnology 33:531-537. View>>
  13. M. Miller, Q. Song, X. Shi, T. E. Juenger, and Z. J. Chen (2015) Natural variation in timing of stress-responsive gene expression predicts heterosis in intraspecific hybrids of Arabidopsis. Nature Communications 6:7453. View>>
  14. X. Shi, C. Zhang, D. -K. Ko, and Z. J. Chen (2015) Genome-wide dosage-dependent and -independent regulation contributes to gene expression and evolutionary novelty in plant polyploids. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32:2351-2366. View Abstract>>
  15. Q. Song, and Z. J. Chen (2015) Epigenetic and developmental regulation in plant polyploids. Current Opinions in Plant Biology 24:101–109. View Abstract>>
  16. Q. Song, X. Guan, Z. J. Chen (2015) Dynamic roles for small RNAs and DNA methylation during ovule and fiber development in allotetraploid cotton. PLoS Genetics 11(12):e1005724. View>>
  17. X. Li, H. Huang, G. Gropp, B. Gjetvaj, D. Lindsay, S. Wei, C. Coutu, Z. Chen, X. -C. Wan, A. Hannoufa, M. Gruber, D. Lydiate, Z. J.Chen, D. Hegedus, and M. -J. Gao (2015) SCARECROW-LIKE15 interacts with HISTONE DEACETYLASE19 and is essential for repressing the seed maturation program. Nature Communications 6:7243. View Abstract>>
  18. Z. Hu, J. N. Lancaster, C. Sasiponganan, L. I. R. Ehrlich (2015) CCR4 promotes medullary entry and thymocyte-dendritic cell interactions required for central tolerance. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 212 (11):1947-1965. PMID 26417005. View>>
  19. R. M.  Harshey, J. D. Partridge (2015) Shelter in a swarm. J. Mol. Biol. 427:3683-3694. View Abstract>>
  20. G. Ariel, A. Rabani, S. Benisty, J. D. Partridge, R. M. Harshey, A. Be'er00 (2015) Swarming bacteria migrate by Lévy walk. Nature Communications 6:8396. doi: 10.1038/ncomms9396. View Abstract>>

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