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Department of MBS

Phone: (512) 471-5105
Fax: (512) 471-1218

NHB 2.606, Stop A5000
100 East 24th St.
Austin TX 78712



Can Cenik
Assistant Professor

Can Cenik

Can Cenik's research involves broad analyses of RNA, RNA translation, and protein levels to understand molecular mechanisms governing translation of specific RNAs. Cenik's work requires cutting-edge genomic and proteomic studies coupled with rigorous bioinformatic analysis. Cenik received his BA in Applied Mathematics from Harvard College, followed by his PhD in Genetics at Harvard Medical School under the tutelage of Dr. Frederick P. Roth. Prior to joining UT Austin, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship under Dr. Michael P. Snyder in genetics at Stanford University, School of Medicine. Cenik has received both an NIH early investigator award and a CPRIT recruitment award.

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Elif Sarinay Cenik
Assistant Professor

Elif Cenik's research involves genetic dissection of ribosome biogenesis and how the number and potential type of ribosomes is coupled to developmental stages of metazoans. Cenik received her BS in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Bilkent University in Turkey, followed by her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School under the tutelage of Dr. Phillip D. Zamore. She then completed postdoctoral training with Nobelist Dr. Andrew Z. Fire in Molecular Genetics and ribosome biogenesis at Stanford University.