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Ellington, Agarwala Receive UT BRAIN Seed Grants

Forty-five new research teams from across the University of Texas System have been awarded $100,000 seed grants each as part of a UT System initiative to jump-start multi-disciplinary and innovative research on the human brain.

A total of $4.5 million was awarded through the UT System Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Research Institute, which was created by the Board of Regents in 2014 to facilitate team approaches to brain research and leverage the broad scientific expertise and resources available throughout the UT System.

The UT System effort is aligned with the national BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) initiative, which was established to revolutionize understanding of the brain and help treat, cure and prevent neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease and autism.

In the Department of Molecular Biosciences:

Read the entire news release on the $4.5 Million brain research effort here: https://www.utsystem.edu/news/2015/09/02/45-million-seed-grants-awarded-ut-brain-researchers

Adapted with permission from a post from the UT Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology.


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