Research Infrastructure

Norman Hackerman Building

Lab contacts for the Norman Hackerman Building.

Building ManagerCory Konieczny - 512-471-5909 (office), 512-769-0448 (cell)

Faculty RepresentativeJessie Zhang, 512-471-8645


Description Location(s) Point of Contact
Copier MP C3003  NHB 2.620 Rose Orwell, 512-232-1218
LICOR imager NHB 4.310 Katherine Milligan, 512-232-6819
Gel Dock NHB 4.310 Katherine Milligan, 512-232-6819
Water System (Evoqua) NHB 4.310 Katherine Milligan, 512-232-6819
Water System (Evoqua) NHB 4.130 Wendy Matthews, 512-471-1029
TECAN UV-Vis/Fluorescence plate reader (Infinite M200) NHB 4.130C Wendy Matthews, 512-471-1029
Bio-Rad Gel Imager NHB 4.120C Helen Yu 
ITC NHB 4.320 Daniel Wrapp
NT8 liquid Handler NHB 4.320 Daniel Wrapp
BioCore NHB 4.320 Nianshuang Wang
Formulator NHB 4.320 Scott Rush
Rock Imager for X-ray crystallography NHB 4.320 Jory Goldsmith
Pheonix Liquid Handling system NHB 4.129 Art Monzingo, 512-471-6884
Roche quantitative PCR NHB 4.129 Art Monzingo, 512-471-6884
Back-up -80°C Freezer NHB 4.120A Helen Chen, 512-471-9156 Access Spare Freezer