Research Infrastructure

Neural Molecular Science

Lab contacts for the Neural Molecular Science Building.

Building ManagerDwaine Benson - 512-232-2178 (office), 979-218-1012 (cell)

Faculty RepresentativeLauren Erhlich - 512-475-7125


Point of Contact
Kodak Film Processor NMS 3.204A Center for Biomedical Research
Film Processor Chemicals NMS 3.204A Stacey Kimmelman,  512-471-5063
Beckman Coulter Ultracentrifuge NMS 3.204 Chris Sullivan, 512-471-5391
LS 6500 STD-Vial Color 120V NMS 3.204 Frank Medina, 512-232-4049 (Matouscheck lab)
BioNiQuest Model TL-100 NMS 2.244 Carolyn Fisher,  512-471-5204 (Payne lab)
UV Water System NMS 4.262 Kyle Miller, 512-471-5045
Ice Machine NMS 3.224B Dwaine Benson, 512-232-2178
Dishwasher Supplies NMS 1.224 Stacey Kimmelman,  512-471-5063
Back-up -80°C Freezer NMS 5.222 Hong Qiao, 512-471-0286 Sibum Sung, 512-232-0867 Access Spare Freezer
Back-up -150°C Freezer NMS 2.220B Tanya Paull, 512-232-7803 Access Spare Freezer
X-Ray Irradiator NMS 4.262 Kyle Miller, 512-471-5045
Copier MPC5503 NMS 3.262 Rose Orwell, 512-232-1218