Employee Travel

Important Pre-travel Information

Account Limitations

Funding Account

Students or lab personnel traveling on faculty accounts will need prior approval from their supervisor/PI before their RTA will be processed.  For this approval to be on file, please have the account holder email MBS Payments with the following:

“I authorize (traveler’s name) to travel to (conference name and/or city) during (travel dates), using (account number).”

Grant Funding

For students or lab personnel traveling on grant accounts the travel must be funded by the same account as their salary for the time period of travel. 

CPRIT Accounts

Using a CPRIT account to pay for travel, including hotel charges, meals, or airfare, requires a second account to be listed on your RTA, which will cover any charges that go over CPRIT's allowed maximums.  For meal reimbursements, itemized receipts are required.  If you do not have itemized receipts, you will not be able to claim meal reimbursements with CPRIT funds.

To view CPRIT's per diem rates, please see the GSA website.

Specific Circumstances

Personal Days During Business Travel

If your trip includes personal days, a flight comparison will be required that shows what the flight would have cost if the personal days weren’t included. The comparison flight should be saved on the same day your actual flight is booked. Save the comparison and include it with receipts when requesting reimbursement, the lesser of the two flights will be reimbursed. Any additional expenses incurred on personal days cannot be reimbursed.

Texas Travel

If you're traveling within Texas and plan to seek reimbursement for your lodging, please inform your hotel that UT is both state hotel occupancy tax exempt as well as Texas sales tax exempt.  You may need to print and fill out both exemption forms in advance if requested by your hotel.  Please be advised that neither of these tax charges should be listed on your hotel bill; if they are, you may be ineligible for reimbursement.

Registration Fees

Procard – If a registration fee does not include any travel expenses such as lodging or meals, it can be paid using the lab’s procard.

Out of pocket – Registration fees can be paid out of pocket by the traveler and be reimbursed after the end of travel date. Only the traveler can be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Check – If the registration includes travel expenses such as lodging and meals and cannot be paid out of pocket by the traveler, please send the invoice to MBS Payments within a timely manner to be paid via mailed check.

The Travel Process