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Markham, Laura

Laura M Markham


Phone: 512-471-4778

Office Location
MBB 2.210

Laura Markham received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology & Biotechnology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has over ten years of experience in laboratory research. She currently works in the Lambowitz Lab to uncover novel properties of reverse transcriptase fusion proteins within the CRISPR-Cas system.


2018 Mohr G, Silas S, Stamos J, Makarova KS, Markham LM, Yao J, Lucas-Elio P, Sanchez-Amat A, Fire AZ, Koonin EV, et al. A Reverse Transcriptase-Cas1 Fusion Protein Contains a Cas6 Domain Required for Both CRISPR RNA Biogenesis and RNA Spacer Acquisition. Mol. Cell, (72):700-714.

2016 Silas S, Mohr G, Sidote DJ, Markham LM, Sanchez-Amat A, Bhaya D, Lambowitz AM, Fire AZ. Direct CRISPR spacer acquisition from RNA by a natural reverse transcriptase-Cas1 fusion protein. Science, 351 (6276):aad4234.