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D&I Committee Mission 

The mission of the MBS D&I committee is to create a welcoming place where trainees, faculty and staff can all flourish and achieve excellence. The MBS D&I committee will work towards developing an inclusive and cohesive culture within the department and across the UT campus.  Our goal is to foster an environment where diverse voices and perspectives are heard and welcomed, and where members feel free to pursue their personal and career goals regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, language, religion, career path, learning or physical ability.

Campus Resources

Please reach out to any member of the committee with ideas or concerns for creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all.

MBS D&I Committee Members


Yvette Cañedo, Sr. Grants & Contracts Specialist

John Wallingford, Professor


Seema Agarwala, Associate Professor

Dzifa Amengor, Graduate Student

Vishwanath Iyer, Professor

Linda Letti Lopez, Graduate Student

Parastoo Maleki, Postdoc

Andreas Matouschek, Professor

Justine Meccio, Graduate Program Administrator        

Elle Roberson, Postdoc

David Taylor, Assistant Professor

Keiko Torii, Professor